Wholesale Gurbani Radio includes Sehaj Path Plus hundereds of Shabad

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Gurbani List;

  • Full Guru Granth Sahib
  • Nitnam
  • Japuji sahib
  • Jap Sahib
  • Tva Prasad svaye
  • Chaupayee sahib
  • Anad sahib
  • Asa di vaar
  • Sukhmani sahib
  • Dukh Bhajni sahib
  • Rehras
  • 500 plus Gurbani shabad
Minimum quanity to buy 5

It is a high quality Sehaj Path-Gurbani radio-Blue tooth speaker. We have recorded full guru granth sahib and lots shabad in this mini speaker.

you can listen continue over weeks and it will not end.



TF card

USB card

FM radio



Specification Parameters

  • Output power: 5w*2
  • Speaker:52mm 3qw
  • Signal to noice ratio: >80db
  • Working voltage DC 4V
  • Lithium battery: 1200ah
  • Dimensions: 205*85*50mm

Distributor Wanted

We are searching sidtributor or retailers nationwide for this gurbani radio, Please contact us for more information

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