Become a Prepaid Cell Phone Dealer 

When you become a prepaid cell phone dealer for multi wireless carrier then you could get free marketing materials like brochures,window posters and some prepaid wireless carrier will provide free sim cards plus you can earn instant commission on every activation when you choose AH Wholesale is your master dealer for AT&T prepaid,H2o wireless,Red Pocket,Lycamobile and Sling TV.

You can increase your store incom without investing a single penny. we will provide your all the information absolutely free and we will also provide all the supporting materials like brochures and banners which help you to do more activatons. We also can optimize your Google my business page which will bring more traffic to your store when people search for cell phone Sling Tv store in your area. 

  • No cost to start up

  • Free marketing materials for all dealers

  • Low cost GSm & CDMS cell phone

  • Instant commision

  • Wholesale prepaid sim cards

  • Work directly with master dealer and carrier

  • One instant spiff portal for mobile phone recharge


AT&T  wireless is now accepting application to become an authrized retailer for prepaid services. You can earn commission on every prepaid activation and you will also make money if you sell smart phones.

H2O Wireless

H2O Wireless offers no-contract wireless services for every need and budget on the nation’s largest and most reliable GSM networks. Get unlimited domestic and international talk and text, data, pay-per-use plans and more with phones from every major brand. Or, use H2O Wireless with your existing iPhone, Android or other smartphone with H2O SIM Starter Kit – all with no activation, overages or hidden fees. Find H2O Wireless at over 100,000 retailers nationwide including Best Buy. Please click on read more to become an H2O Wireless dealer

Red Pocket Mobile

 Red Pocket offer contract-free mobile phone and internet service on the nation’s top networks.Red pocket mobile works with all major networks in USA like AT&T,T-Mobile and Verizon and they are paying lots of commision for each activatrion plus offert very cheap prepaid sim cards


The world's largest international mobile virtual network operator with over 16 million customers and a new customer joining every two seconds.

Lycamobile’s mission is to connect friends and family around the world. We aim to do this by offering low-cost, high-quality data and voice services across 23 countries. We are now expanding to offer a broad range of financial and travel services, including Lycamoney and Lycafly that help people stay in touch across borders.

Lycamobile is also available in Australia, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Ireland, Italy, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Tunisia, Ukraine, Uganda, the UK and Russia.

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