How to Become A Cell Phone Retailer

  • First fill out Become a dealer application

  • Submit the w9 from

  • Copy of your business license or driving license

  • Fill the universal resale certificate

  • Picture of your store front

In California require a separate license to collect the mobile surcharge from customers. Click here to get more information about California mobile surcharge tax

Sign a contract with master agent to become a dealer with the cell phone company of your choice. Make sure you understand every detail of the contract before you sign, however, as it will prove legally binding.

Market your new cell phone provider website according to the rules of the business opportunity you chose. For example, you may use fliers, business cards, newspaper ads and online ads as part of your marketing plan. However, the cell phone provider may place restrictions on the manner in which you can use its company name, phone brands and images. You must adhere to the terms you agreed to in the contract to avoid having your contract terminated.

AH Wholesale is a authorized master dealer for Lycamobile, Expo,H2O Wireless,Eco Mobile Incomm and Red pocket. If you are interested in opening a cell phone store contact us or fill out the below from to become a cell phone dealer.

In the past, starting a cell phone business usually meant stocking thousands of dollars in inventory and buying or renting a commercial location from which to sell. Thanks to advances in Internet technology, however, you now have other options for breaking into the cell phone business. Many prepaid cell phone companies provide opportunities through which you can become an authorized dealer , selling without ever purchasing a single piece of inventory or shipping even one phone.

Contact the Prepaid cell phone companies, such as Lycamobile,H2O Wireless,Ultra Mobile,Red Pocket,Simple Mobile and Boost Mobile in your area and request information about reseller opportunities. Specify that you want the opportunity to set up a retail store through which to sell without having to stock phones. With this set up, customers can bring their own phone and you can set up the service by selling prepaid sim card You will likely receive a spiff for each activation, and in some cases, a commission on each month of service a customer purchases.

Compare cell phone business opportunities based on startup investment costs and any monthly fees you will incur. The lower your business expenses, the more profit you stand to earn. Also compare opportunities based on company reputation and the popularity of its phone services. Both will influence your chances of meeting your financial goals. Review the commission structure of each opportunity, as you will want to take advantage of the business opportunity that will allow you to earn the most money.

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