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How To Become An AT&T Authorized Retailer

Updated: Aug 19, 2020

  • First fill out Become an AT&T retailer's application

  • Submit the w9 from

  • Copy of your business license

  • your driving license

  • Fill the universal resale certificate

  • Picture of your store front

Sign a contract with AH Prepaid inc to become an AT&T dealer and you choose Epay activation portal for sim actvation. Make sure you understand every detail of the contract before you sign, however, as it will prove legally binding. If your application get approved by master dealer and AT&T then you will be able to activate all the AT&T prepaid plan and you will be able to buy AT&T handsets on wholesale price. AH Prepaid Inc can provide you all the marketing materials and all other supporting collateral

Click here to become an AT&T dealer

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