Liquor Store POS System

Updated: Jun 10

NRS POS is a one of the America's best POS system. This cloud base POS cash register specially made for Liquor stores, Smoke shops and Grocery stores. This NRS plus POS bundle system comes with 15inches touch screen, one customer facing display, one barcode scanner and receipt printer

It is a best POS for:

  • Convenience stores and bodegas

  • Liquor stores

  • Liquor stores

  • Small businesses

  • Delis

  • Supermarkets

  • Grocery stores

  • Retail stores

  • Bakeries

  • Dollar stores

  • Produce stands

  • Meat markets

  • Beauty salons

POS Features and Hardware

Powerful software:

NRS’ proprietary software powers our POS system’s technological features. This cloud-based software updates automatically to provide new improvements to your POS. Our team of engineers is always working on new updates to give you an even better POS experience.

Easy-to-use touch screen

POS+ users operate the software using an easy to read touch screen. This 15-inch screen has a large size and comfortable angle for you and your cashiers’ convenience. The touch screen interface also makes using the Point of Sale machine faster and easier because of its intuitive format.

Convenient barcode scanner

Thanks to the POS+ barcode scanner, you can ring up and record items with ease. If you rely on entering prices and numbers manually, you’ll find that using a handheld scanner saves time and work. The scanner also connects with the POS+ software’s inventory features. Scan an item to add it to your pricebook.

Thermal receipt printer

Our thermal receipt printer uses the latest technology for faster and more cost-effective printing. Since it has fewer moving parts than standard receipt printers, you can count on it to work more reliably. A thermal printer uses heat to mark the paper, eliminating the need for ink and speeding up printing.