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5 Steps To Become APrepaid Cell Phone Dealer

Updated: Mar 16

You can use 5 easy steps to become a cell phone dealer in your area. Please do not panic and take it easy to follow all 5 steps

Your Guide to Becoming a Prepaid Wireless Dealer
Your Guide to Becoming a Prepaid Wireless Dealer

  1. Draw Business Plan

You want to make sure you have a solid business plan but not just one but many,incase the first one fails.

2. Find Good Location

You want a location where you will have a lot of traffic somewhere isolated isn’t good but somewhere near a busy street or highway is very good

3. Apply For Business License

After you find the good location then you need to apply business license from your local city or county office. You also need to apply seller permit to collect sales tax from your customers. Click here to find out more about seller permit.

4. Inspect Wireless Carrier In Your Area

Now it is time to find out that which wireless carrier have a good cell site in your area. You can check the wireless coverage by visiting each wireless carrier's website or you can click the below link to check sevice coverage for most popular wireless carrier

5. Find Master Dealer

Now is the time to find master dealer for each wireless carrier. All the wireless carrier will not do directly busness with you.You need to find trusted master dealer who can tech you about activation process and who can provide you all the supprting materials.

AH Wholesale is a authorized master dealer for Lycamobile, Expo,H2O Wireless,Eco Mobile Incomm and Red pocket. If you are interested in opening a cell phone store contact us or fill out the below from to become a cell phone dealer.

In California require a separate license to collect the mobile surcharge from customers. Click here to get more information about California mobile surcharge tax

Sign a contract with master agent to become a dealer with the cell phone company of your choice. Make sure you understand every detail of the contract before you sign, however, as it will prove legally binding.

Market your new cell phone provider website according to the rules of the business opportunity you chose. For example, you may use fliers, business cards, newspaper ads and online ads as part of your marketing plan. However, the cell phone provider may place restrictions on the manner in which you can use its company name, phone brands and images. You must adhere to the terms you agreed to in the contract to avoid having your contract terminated.

Click here to become a cell phone dealer

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1 Comment

AKwinder Shergill
AKwinder Shergill
Sep 01, 2020

You provide realy good information about become a cell phone dealer. You are absolutely right about finding good location.

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